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Matt Fish June 2, 2018

7 Ways to Convert New Visitors into Loyal Customers (with Examples)

With surging customer acquisition costs, it’s more important than ever to turn every visitor to your site into a loyal customer. However, this isn’t an easy task. Building true brand loyalty takes time, and starts with being able to convert new visitors into customers. To help you do that, we’ve broken the process down into two big ideas: turning your visitors into customers, and turning your customers into loyal customers. Whats in it, you will learn: Part 1: Turning Your Visitors Into Customers Target the Right Audience Build a Personal Connection with Live Chat (How?) Encourage Purchases with Introductory Offers […]

Angela Stringfellow May 21, 2018

Engage Users with (4 Untapped) Marketing Channels Online

New marketing channels are emerging all the time. From Snapchat to chat bots, the modern marketer’s to-do list continues to grow. How can marketers best engage users on these new and emerging channels? Let’s take a look at four of the most prominent emerging marketing channels today and learn how to cultivate a growing base of raving fans on each channel. The 4 New and Emerging Marketing Channels to Watch Where should marketers focus their user engagement efforts first? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer – it depends on your industry and your audience. Here are a few marketing channels currently making […]

Leighton Burley May 18, 2018

How To Optimize Your Calls to Action for CRO

What is a Call to Action? A call to action (CTA) is exactly what it sounds like: a call or request for your audience to perform a certain action. This action could be anything! You may want them to purchase your book, connect on Twitter or Instagram, or even make a purchase. Literally, anything can become a call to action when you ask your audience to do something and provide actionable directives. Most CTAs take the form of a button or message placed prominently and strategically to attract optimal attention. The goal is to be as clear and visible as […]

Kirsten Burkard April 27, 2018

How to Build a Successful Retention Strategy Like Mpix

Customer retention is the most important investment any brand can make.  As shoppers keep getting smarter and competition gets fiercer, discounts and promotions are no longer a guaranteed way to attract new customers.  More importantly, these aren’t sustainable ways to get existing customers to come back. This is what makes a solid retention strategy so critical to every brand’s success.  Most businesses are currently operating with an imbalanced marketing budget, favoring acquisition tactics that bring short-term wins and long-term costs.  However, Harvard Business Review reports that increasing retention rates by only 5% can result in up to a 95% increase […]

Shane Barker April 20, 2018

How E-Commerce Companies Can Use Marketing Automation To Improve Customer Retention

What role will marketing automation play in your e-commerce business? Digital marketing has evolved so much over the past three decades, and it’s becoming more necessary as more and more users gain access to smartphones (with 87% of current internet users having access to them). Building a strategy that works for you, and your customers, is important to gain more customers, retain the ones you have, and to stay on the leading edge all at once. Customer retention is paramount in today’s digital economy, with 50% of consumers suggesting that they would interact with a company again after only one […]

Stefan Debois April 15, 2018

How To Use an Interactive Quiz to Boost Your Online Conversion

How well do you know your customers? Take a moment and really think about that. Here are a few more questions to add to the list: Who even are they? What interests them? What turns them off? What do they need? What do they want? What problems are they facing? And here’s an important one: How can you provide them the best experience possible on your website? Personalizing your website means better results such as a boost in consumer engagement, top-line revenue and a higher ROI. But how should you go about personalizing it? What will encourage your audience to […]

Monica Mizzi April 9, 2018

3 Martech Trends Everyone is Talking About in 2018

While it’s true trends come and go, it’s never been so important for marketers to stay up to date with all that’s generating buzz in the marketing world. Particularly when it comes to martech – a word used to encompass the fusion of marketing and technology – it’s essential that marketers stay on top of trends in order to remain competitive, relevant, and cutting-edge. 2018 has presented a number of trends which deal with both how customers are choosing to engage with companies, and how companies are choosing to engage with customers. With so much talk about new ways of […]

Anand Srinivasan April 6, 2018

4 Tweaks To Improve eCommerce Conversion Rate (For 2018)

A Wolfgang Digital study from last year shows that just 18% of visitors to eCommerce stores landed directly on the site. An overwhelming 62% of traffic comes from Google. To put this in perspective, these are visitors who may have not transacted with on your site earlier. Capturing their attention, building trust and converting them can take a lot of time and resources. Not surprisingly then, the average conversion rate on eCommerce is pegged at less than 2.50%. Interestingly, the conversion rate on the top 10% of eCommerce sites is estimated to be over 11%. A major driver of this […]

Pritama Sarkar April 2, 2018

How Marketing Automation Can Boost Customer Loyalty

A single tool that automatically analyzes your customer data, derive insights from them, act on those insights in real-time, and streamline your workflow consistently doesn’t sound too good to be true at this point of time. All thanks to the advent of marketing automation. From customer acquisition to retention, marketing automation optimizes all of your communication efforts by reducing repetitive and time-consuming tasks, thus freeing up time and resources to focus on more pressing matters that hamper company growth and productivity. To give you a clearer picture, it helps you design a closed-loop marketing campaign by integrating and collecting insights […]

Lee Wilson March 23, 2018

User Generated Content (UGC) & 3 Examples to Engage Users With It

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)? There is no better way to repeatedly engage with your audience than by using content generated by your website visitors and target demographic. In this article, I’m going to detail some of the most effective types of user-generated content, and the practical ways to maximise the value that can be derived from them.  Why should you be Using it? Because it is amazing how much content is created based solely on assumption and gut feel. This needs to stop. Some really great websites have stopped blogging; industry experts have stopped writing insightful articles; content producers […]

Zhi Yuan March 19, 2018

10 Easy Steps To Increase Website Conversion Rate & Traffic

Conversions are pretty much the key to any good business, right? Everybody knows that. You can’t really have a business if you don’t convert leads into customers and make sales. So you’ve gotten your website completely optimized and it’s doing really well with people…at least, it’s doing really well with people who are viewing it on their laptops or desktop computers. However, and especially since Google’s serious crackdown on mobile responsiveness, ­­it is absolutely essential that your website also converts well over mobile. 80% of customers use their smartphones to shop and 70% of online searches end in a conversion […]

Anthony Bergs March 8, 2018

How Mobile Marketing Automation is Critical for Your E-Commerce Brand’s Growth

What is Mobile Marketing Automation for E-commerce? Marketing Automation is a software/application for automating marketing actions. These will include tasks such as: Sorting emails Responding to emails Posting to social media Scheduling appointments Sending recurring invoices Automating website traffic reports Handling CRM Automating follow-up emails Backing up your data All of the above-mentioned tasks can be automated to make marketing operations hassle-free. This will save marketers’ time which can be utilized in performing other important tasks. Mobile marketing automation pushes the leads faster down the sales funnel. And this generates growth for the e-commerce brand. Mobile Marketing Automation is the mix of […]

Ryan Gould March 1, 2018

How Marketing Automation Streamlines Data Management from Beginning to End

Data Management in Marketing Automation B2C marketers have long complained that data management is tedious and riddled with human error. A good lead where the address or phone number is entered incorrectly won’t do a bit of good, while duplicate and half-entered leads can be just as useless. But then there are the ruined relationships that result from inaccurately entered data: 55% of respondents reported being sent irrelevant product information by a business. 47% said they felt annoyed when businesses get their personal information wrong 35% said that data errors reduced their faith that the organization will do an acceptable […]

Ankur Gattani February 26, 2018

27 CRM Strategies To Boost E-commerce Marketing (Updated)

From having picked up CRM as a function out of the blue back in Jan 2013 to having seen it evolve closely over the last 3 years, thought I’ll summarize my learning in a bunch of bullet points. Hope this is helpful to marketers and start-uppers thinking of an ecommerce CRM / Retention strategy. 1. CRM Work Areas You have to look at the two CRM work areas “Email marketing and Push Notifications” and “Retention and CLV optimization” distinctly, even if the same team is responsible for both. 2. Re-ordering Customer Base Emails/Pushes by themselves won’t be sufficient to impact […]

Asad Ali February 13, 2018

5 Ways to Boost Your Customer Retention (With Email Marketing)

Remember that Quote from Tom Hanks’ 1998, “You’ve got mail,”   “I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve got a mail.” “You have got a new mail!”  We all have heard this phrase at some point in our lives, and it would not be wrong to say that a new email is always a source of curiosity and excitement. Though, because of social media times have changed; nevertheless, one would definitely agree that Email still is a place of solitude amongst the chaos. The Power of Email Marketing There is […]

Pankaj Mondal February 11, 2018

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation is still in its nascent stage and complex enough that even vendors of automation systems sometimes find it difficult to run their own marketing operations on their own platforms. However, this has not stopped companies from using various marketing automation tools to optimize their business. What is marketing automation? At a fundamental level, marketing automation refers to a category of software that automates, streamlines and measures workflows and marketing tasks so that brands can boost operational efficiency and up their revenue faster. Based on the latest stats by emailmonday, nearly 51% of companies worldwide are using marketing automation […]