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How to Use Micro Segmentation Marketing Effectively in Marketing Automation

What is micro-segmentation marketing? The practice includes dividing customers into four general groups—by demographics, geography, behavior and lifestyle—then segmenting each group even more. Geography, for example, could be broken down into regions, then states, then cities, then neighborhoods. Behavior could mean frequent purchases, seasonal-only purchases, coupon-only purchases or “window shoppers.” Lifestyle could be an adventurer, fashionista, world traveler and tech savvy. Micro-segmention marketing strategy combines multiple variables from the above categories with certain demographics, such as age, sex, life cycles, job, and income, to create a target persona. While a high-end RV dealership might target a wealthy, retired male over […]

6 Unique Push Notification Use-cases for E-commerce apps

For e-commerce apps, push messaging has very reasonably assumed the role of session-magnet. The occasional and impulsive buying nature of users have made push messages the only resort to e-commerce apps to increase app sessions. This is evident by the very fact that e-commerce apps using push notification, to drive app opens, had 278% more launches than the ones who didn’t use it. Push notification gave bewildering conversions to publishers at its initial stage. But later on, it went on to become such a fad that an average user was getting 60 push messages on his phone per day. This […]