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Market Segmentation For Holidays – Segment like a pro

Joy to the world, Christmas is coming! While the world is sipping hot chocolate and making a list of gifts to buy for their loved ones, Marketers like yourself are making sure that their holiday marketing campaigns are on-fleek. And this requires immense amount of prepping before they can launch the most-awaited marketing campaign of the year. As Christmas marks the end of the year, there is something in the air which makes everyone hunky-dory. Thus, the buying behaviour of shoppers is observed to be different during November-December as compared to the rest of the year. It’s interesting to note […]

How to Use Micro Segmentation Marketing Effectively in Marketing Automation

What is micro-segmentation marketing? The practice includes dividing customers into four general groups—by demographics, geography, behavior and lifestyle—then segmenting each group even more. Geography, for example, could be broken down into regions, then states, then cities, then neighborhoods. Behavior could mean frequent purchases, seasonal-only purchases, coupon-only purchases or “window shoppers.” Lifestyle could be an adventurer, fashionista, world traveler and tech savvy. Micro-segmention marketing strategy combines multiple variables from the above categories with certain demographics, such as age, sex, life cycles, job, and income, to create a target persona. While a high-end RV dealership might target a wealthy, retired male over […]