A Beginner’s Guide to Retention Marketing For Online Consumer Businesses

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Every business has the same mission: achieve higher revenue and faster growth. But many companies struggle to align their people, processes, and technology to achieve these goals. Retention Marketing came as an answer to these problems. This e-book will tell you how.

Acquisition first approach to Marketing

Companies were operating on the traditional approach to marketing: focus on creating awareness about a product and thereafter acquire as many users as possible. It lifted the footfall to their brick or mortar store, online downloads or website visits, which was believed to naturally increase the number of products being purchased. This worked for a while, but then companies started noticing a drop in the bottom-line numbers.

Sure the initial numbers were good, but what about the high customer acquisition cost and user churn? Were the users acquired this way becoming your long-term users? Would these customers buy from you again or would they wander off to a competitor at slight pretext?

This Led to a Shift to Retention Marketing

In today’s competitive world, nothing can be left to chance. As companies started seeing a glaring gap between what they wanted to achieve and what they were securing by executing the current strategies, the need for a dedicated person, who could generate more revenue from existing users, became more apparent. Someone who could work cross-functionally to experiment with and utilize the existing resources well to achieve these goals.

This is when companies began onboarding a growth marketer/hacker or a retention manager whose aim was to:

  1. Drive an increase in Purchase Frequency (how often a typical customer buys)
  2. And Repeat Purchase Rate (likelihood of a shopper returning to your business).

With this, Retention Marketing became more and more prevalent in the online world. This e-book will help you understand the hype around it and why a role like this is crucial to companies.

Here’s what you will get in this comprehensive guide:

This comprehensive e-book can be your go-to guide for all queries related to the genesis of Retention Marketing. Get the full ebook for free by filling out this form and start learning why Retention forms a core of Marketing today: drive conversions and boost customer engagement.

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