[Webinar] Supercharging Your Communication With Personalization

Rationale and Emotions are the two most important components of everyday decision making. While the offering in terms of product or a service satisfies the rationale of a purchase, the emotion energizes the customer to hit the ‘Buy’ button.

We are bringing this webinar focused on the emotional aspect of a brand’s communication, the role it plays and also the tips to do it right.

What will this Webinar cover?

The webinar aims to cover the following broad areas:

  1. Importance of personalization.
  2. Why personalization works?
  3. How to implement personalization in your communication.

About the Presenter


Jim Poage is a published author and a well-known consultant. In his book FLAIR which he co-authored with his daughter Jennifer. The book shows you how to add meaning and joy to your products, services, and everyday work that draws in customers, colleagues, and audiences and creates a positive and lasting impression.

Jim became focused on technology, systems engineering, optimization, and patterns while studying at Stanford University and Harvard University. Today, his career has evolved to include processes, suppliers, employees, culture, external influences, storytelling, and other success factors. He has worked with major national, government, and international clients, including TheWorld Bank, NASA, and SAAB Sensis.


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