[Webinar] Everything An Online Travel Agency Needs To Know About Multi-Channel Marketing

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Is it all roses and no thorns for the Online Travel Agencies? Not really. There are plenty of challenges faced by Online Travel Agencies when it comes to reducing customer attrition, driving brand loyalty and advocacy, and more fundamentally – providing a unified engagement experience across channels. In this webinar, we’ll talk about these.

 What will this webinar cover?

  1.  Trends in Online Travel Agency Industry
  2.  Problems faced by OTAs
  3.  Segmentation of Users– Key to data-driven messaging
  4.  Understanding User Journey Permutations and Combinations of user actions once he/she is on website
  5.  Case Study– Multi- Channel Engagement for users based on their journeys

 Our Presenter- Mr. Animesh KumarOnline Travel Agency head

Animesh has worked with Yatra.com and Thomas Cook, heading the marketing department in the former and is presently working with Oberoi Hotels and Resorts.

You can mail us your queries at [email protected]  about multi-channel marketing or online marketing in general and we will be happy to discuss them. We may even include them in our upcoming webinars for the common good.


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