[Webinar] Level-Up To Hyper-Personalization For Increased Conversion

Not so long ago, spray-n-pray marketing was the only way we knew. But today, personalization has become the new norm. Moreover, factors like user behavior tracking, rich customer data, sophisticated marketing automation tools etc. have enabled us to take the communication beyond “Hello <first_name>”.

In this webinar, Sameet Singh (Product Manager at WebEngage) will help you upgrade from the ‘Basic’ to ‘Hyper’ level of personalization using the simple drag-n-drop features of WebEngage.

Sameet Singh - Product Manager (Hyper-Personalization)- WebEngage

He will cover all the following topics:

  • Everything about Basic Personalization
  • Introduction to Hyper-Personalization
  • All-in-one Use Case
  • Discussion on the Case Study of Goibibo

If you are a data-driven Campaign Manager / Marketing Manager / Product Manager who is convinced that personalized engagement is the fundamental of retention marketing, then this webinar is for you.

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