[Webinar] Introduction To WebEngage- The Key To Happy Users Via Multi Channel Engagement

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WebEngage has been an onsite engagement channel since it’s inception in 2011. Upgrading that, we have added a few more cards to your deck and come up with “WebEngage 2.0- A Multi Channel Engagement Platform“.

You can now communicate with your users across devices and using various channels.

Multi-channel – Communicate with your users on 5 channels:
Website — In-App — Mobile Push — Email — Text

User Engagement – Rich cross-device User Profiles & Segmentation to personalize and contextualize your communication at scale.

Platform – Ability to connect with or be your Marketing Database of Record. Seamless data import, CRM integrations, easy & secure API.

In short, WebEngage has vowed to make communication simpler and shoot engagement and retention for your website. And we are holding this exhaustive webinar to introduce to all big and small changes.

What is this Webinar all about?

1. Introduction to the new dashboard

2. Exploring the additions to your engagement suite

3. Introduction to User Profile and User Journey Mapping

4. Understanding Targeting via Events

5. User segmentation for personalized targeting

You can email us your queries at [email protected] about multi-channel marketing or online marketing in general and we will be happy to discuss them. We may even include them in our upcoming webinars for the common good.

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