A Marketer’s guide to Browser Push Notification

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Push messaging was a critical mobile feature that was missing from the web. So, when it was launched by Chrome in early 2015, it witnessed an enormous adoption by the publishers.

Other reasons why it gained momentum are

  1. it gave marketers the opportunity to establish a dedicated opt-in audience, and
  2. control the information feed the way they want to, like they can with email, mobile push, text etc. 

This ebook explores the strong suits that make web push one of the most sought-after messaging channels. It dissects all the necessary aspects of web push that would help you craft a powerful campaign. Going forward it has also explored prominent use-cases, across three industries, that can help you with campaign ideation for your own business.

If you are doing anything browser push, this is a must-have guide for you.

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  • armando hinojosa

    The download link doesn’t seem to work.

  • Download link has 404 error

  • prasenjitkarmakar

    apologies for the error. link has been fixed. Pls retry

  • prasenjitkarmakar

    apologies for the error. have fixed the link. Pls retry

  • armando hinojosa

    The form page works, but after filling in I am redirected to another 404 page

  • Truly apologise for that, Armando. It’s working now. Thank you so much for the taking the pain to notify.

    Saying that, if you wish, I would love to send you the ebook. Just ping me at [email protected] and I shall respond with the pdf.

  • armando hinojosa

    Got the ebook now 🙂 Thanks Ajit!

  • Hope it helps 🙂