A Marketer’s guide to Browser Push Notification

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Since its launch by Chrome in early 2015, Browser Push Notifications have witnessed enormous adoption by the publishers.

With the adaptation of Web Push expanding rapidly amongst online businesses, we curated this ebook for marketers who are either exploring or already running Web Push campaigns.

What is a Browser Push Notification?

A Browser or Web Push Notification is a pop-up that appears in a web browser or on a mobile device. Visitors receive an opt-in request in their browser when they hit the website. Once done, it lets users get timely updates from sites they love and allow marketers to effectively re-engage them with customized, relevant content.

Few reasons why it gained momentum:

  1. It gave marketers the opportunity to establish a dedicated opt-in audience.
  2. Re-engage their loyal users real time. No more waiting in their inbox for a click.
  3. Control the information feed the way they want to, like they can with email, mobile push, text etc.
  4. Stay in touch with unknown visitors. This works without having them share their personal details.
  5. Engage with users even when they are not present on the related website.
  6. Can be personalized.

What are they useful for?

A Web Push Notifications are solving a lot of challenges that online businesses are facing today. Few significant use-cases used from E-commerce, Trave/OTA, Content/Blog and BFSI websites are as follows:

  1. Time-sensitive deals
  2. Cart abandonment reminders
  3. Share breaking news
  4. Back in stock alerts
  5. Sale announcements
  6. Real-time feed notifications/alerts
  7. Price drop alerts for flights/hotels
  8. A new episode in alert
  9. Nudge for incomplete form filling

This ebook explores the strong suits that make web push one of the most sought-after messaging channels. It dissects all the necessary aspects of web push that would help you craft a powerful campaign.

Hereโ€™s what you will get in this comprehensive guide:

  • Anatomy of a Web Push
  • What makes Web Push a preferable choice among marketers
  • Enabling Web Push on your website
  • UX hacks to take permission from a user
  • How to make Web Push effective
  • Industry use-cases
  • Limitations

This comprehensive e-book can be your go-to guide for all Web Push queries. Get the full ebook for free by filling out this form and start learning how Web Push can help you drive conversions and boost customer engagement.

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