Accelerate B2C Sales Funnel With Multi-Channel Marketing

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In today’s dynamic times’ conventional approach to marketing is rendered ineffective. For the very same reason, marketing can not be done in silos. And if it is done in silos something like this would occur:

Consider Alice, who is a loyal customer of a fashion retailer. On a sale day, Alice receives multiple messages throughout the day. The timeline and content of messages go like this:

  • 9 AM – Alice receives an email about limited period sale starting at 2 PM, the same day.
  • 1 PM – Alice receives a Push Notification with the same message as above.
  • 3 PM – Alice goes to the app, browses products and makes a purchase.
  • 3:10 PM – Alice receives an SMS“Order is confirmed”
  • 4 PM – Alice receives a Push Notification stating that the sale is on – “Hurry!!! Buy now at discounted prices.”
  • 8 PM – Alice receives another Email asking her to buy before the sale ends at midnight.

Alice receives promotional communication even after she has made a purchase. Clearly, the transactional and promotional communication are not in sync. Without a unified view of the user, the multi-channel approach will create several overlaps that are difficult to overcome manually.

The inherent aim of all marketing communication is to engage with users and push them further into the purchase funnel. To do it right you need to map the customer’s journey, create engagement strategy, pick the right channels to render your communication.

Here’s the marketer’s guide to Accelerate the B2C Sales Funnel using Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns.


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