[Webinar] Marketing Cloud Integration 101: How To Integrate With WebEngage

So, what is this webinar about? Last year, WebEngage successfully graduated from an ‘On-site Engagement Suite’ to a ‘Marketing Cloud for Consumer Businesses’. We introduced a revamped dashboard with brand new channels and features listed below: New Engagement Channels: Push Notification, In-App, Browser Push, Email and SMS Users and Events Attributes tracking across channels Dynamic and live Segmentation Deep Data Personalization State-of-the-art ‘Journey Designer’ Granular-level Analytics   Okay. But why should I attend this webinar? Data is the primary driver for a marketing cloud. And its deeper-level integration with the suite is highly crucial for its optimized usage. As WebEngage […]

[Webinar] Supercharging Your Communication With Personalization

Rationale and Emotions are the two most important components of everyday decision making. While the offering in terms of product or a service satisfies the rationale of a purchase, the emotion energizes the customer to hit the ‘Buy’ button. We are bringing this webinar focused on the emotional aspect of a brand’s communication, the role it plays and also the tips to do it right. What will this Webinar cover? The webinar aims to cover the following broad areas: Importance of personalization. Why personalization works? How to implement personalization in your communication. About the Presenter Jim Poage is a published […]

[Webinar]Why Email Is Still King: Building Word of Mouth Via E-letters and “Eblasts”

Forget Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. When it comes to building business via word of mouth and top of mind, email is still king! That’s because all of our contacts check their email every day, not social media. Two-time best selling business author Ken Lizotte explains how to incorporate this fact into your business development efforts and thereby separate your firm from its competition. Smart companies employ this powerful business building technique on a regular basis. After this webinar, you will too!   What Will This Webinar Cover? 1. Understanding email as the most effective channel. 2. Understanding segmentation of users. […]

[Webinar]Multi Channel Campaigns – A Necessity For B2C Business

On average 49% of companies are currently using Marketing automation. With more than half of B2B companies (55%) adopting the technology.[ Source- EmailMonday] Multi channel campaigns not only call for streamlining processes but also adding a human touch to all the channels through which you contact your users/customers. Thus we are having this webinar to bridge the existing gap between marketers and marketing automation. What will this webinar cover? In this webinar, we will talk about  1. Various marketing challenges faced by businesses 2. Multi channel campaigns touch points that are essentially game changers for businesses. 3. Understanding user journeys and building […]

[Webinar]Omni-Channel Marketing- All Whats, Whys, and Hows Answered

With the omnipresence of consumers, it might have happened so many times that you try multiple reach-outs on multiple channels. And then they switch over to another channel and then you had to change your strategy all over?   You could have simply avoided the entire miscommunication by taking an omnichannel approach. Omnichannel service means bringing various channels together in a consistent way, using customer’s data and past purchase experience to draw a seamless customer experience. In fact, over 90% of customers expect this kind of experience from companies. In this webinar, you will learn  1. A few data points around […]

[Webinar] Everything An Online Travel Agency Needs To Know About Multi-Channel Marketing

Is it all roses and no thorns for the Online Travel Agencies? Not really. There are plenty of challenges faced by Online Travel Agencies when it comes to reducing customer attrition, driving brand loyalty and advocacy, and more fundamentally – providing a unified engagement experience across channels. In this webinar we’ll talk about these.  What will this webinar cover?  Trends in Online Travel Agency Industry  Problems faced by OTAs  Segmentation of Users– Key to data-driven messaging  Understanding User Journey– Permutations and Combinations of user actions once he/she is on website  Case Study– Multi- Channel Engagement for users based on their journeys  Our Presenter- […]

[Webinar] Introduction To WebEngage- The Key To Happy Users Via Multi Channel Engagement

WebEngage has been an onsite engagement channel since it’s inception in 2011. Upgrading that, we have added a few more cards to your deck and come up with “WebEngage 2.0- A Multi Channel Engagement Platform“. You can now communicate with your users across devices and using various channels. Multi-channel – Communicate with your users on 5 channels: Website — In-App — Mobile Push — Email — Text User Engagement – Rich cross-device User Profiles & Segmentation to personalize and contextualize your communication at scale. Platform – Ability to connect with or be your Marketing Database of Record. Seamless data import, CRM integrations, easy & […]

[Webinar] Use Buyer Personas or Lose Sales

“Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing if they’re interested in buying. Get out, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds and that will make sure your business is good to go” Sounds interesting but the question is how? And comes to your rescue- Buyer Personas, detailed piece of information about your buyer that helps you understand their psychology and buying patterns. But the question is how will you make your buyers spill out their details without annoying them into leaving your website altogether. Building Buyer Personas is a great thing as […]