ajit May 22, 2018

How to Choose the Best-in-Class B2C Marketing Automation Software

In the marketing automation space, there is no Godfather product. There is no Google, Salesforce or Dropbox. It is a fairly level playing field where myriad products compete against each other. Take, for instance, CRM. With regard to CRM, the requirements of most of the customers match. So there is a least difference product-wise in how every CRM solution looks. And Salesforce is the leader. Same cannot be applicable to the marketing automation space. Customer requirements wrt marketing automation are not common or there is an enormous difference in priorities. So, there is not one product which checks every specification […]

ajit August 9, 2017

A Marketer’s guide to Browser Push Notification

Download Now Since its launch by Chrome in early 2015, Browser Push Notifications have witnessed enormous adoption by the publishers. With the adaptation of Web Push expanding rapidly amongst online businesses, we curated this ebook for marketers who are either exploring or already running Web Push campaigns. What is a Browser Push Notification? A Browser or Web Push Notification is a pop-up that appears in a web browser or on a mobile device. Visitors receive an opt-in request in their browser when they hit the website. Once done, it lets users get timely updates from sites they love and allow […]

shafique February 2, 2017

Accelerate B2C Sales Funnel With Multi-Channel Marketing

In today’s dynamic times’ conventional approach to marketing is rendered ineffective. For the very same reason, marketing can not be done in silos. And if it is done in silos something like this would occur: Consider Alice, who is a loyal customer of a fashion retailer. On a sale day, Alice receives multiple messages throughout the day. The timeline and content of messages go like this: 9 AM – Alice receives an email about limited period sale starting at 2 PM, the same day. 1 PM – Alice receives a Push Notification with the same message as above. 3 PM […]

shafique November 4, 2016

A Marketer’s Guide To In-App Messages

Arguably, in-app messages have been the most under-appreciated messaging channel for quite a long time. Owing to intense competition in the mobile space, it has gained focus of app marketers. Gradually becoming essential to a comprehensive app marketing strategy. In the race to acquire users, retention rates dwindle, churn rates reach new peaks. It comes to no surprise that post three months of app usage almost 80% of app users churn. 23% of apps are uninstalled just after one use. These horrifying stats make engaging app users a high priority for mobile marketers. Download this e-book to learn how to […]

shafique May 10, 2016

3 Hacks To Make Your Lazy Users Reveal More

Do you know that inactivity is an early sign of an impending churn? When we studied WebEngage’s internal customer usage data, we found that → lazy users are ~2.5 times more likely to churn than active users. After putting all the hard work in acquiring users don’t let them lost in the labyrinth of inactivity. Engage with them, try to make them active. Download this e-book to learn hacks to get to know more about your lazy users and transform the lazy bunch into active ones. In this e-book, you’ll learn:   How Lazy Users impact Churn How to identify […]

rohit July 24, 2015

17 Tips, Tricks And Growth Hacks To Sky-rocket Your Conversions Using On-site Overlays

Converting a visitor into a user is full of factors beyond our controls. You can find innumerable tools and tricks to improve onsite conversions, but almost all of them are either passive or reactive in nature. WebEngage enables you to engage with your customers proactively solving the regular and vital pain points such as Lead Generation, Cart Abandonment, User Signups among others. In this guide, you’ll find 17 hand-picked ways in which website overlays and pop-ups can be used to pump-up conversion for your business. These growth hacks have been picked from the huge database of use cases built by […]