avantika June 22, 2018

How EdTech Companies can get an A+ in Student Retention with a B2C Marketing Cloud [Part 3/3]

Marketing Automation Ideas 101 for Education Technology Businesses This blog series is a one-stop guide for Educational Technology Companies to teach them about the importance of a B2C Marketing Cloud for student acquisition, engagement, and retention. In this post, we’ll discuss how an edtech company can trace the loopholes in its Student’s life cycle, and use marketing cloud solution to fill the gaps. We’ve reached the final post of this blog series. Previously, we covered WHY educational technology (a.k.a. EdTech) cannot and must not do without B2C Marketing Cloud (Part 1/3), and HOW EdTech Companies can ace Teacher Retention with […]

priyam May 17, 2018

7 Proven Ways to Market Your Mobile App Effectively

What qualifies as an effective mobile app marketing technique? It doesn’t necessarily have to be highly complex and multi-layered to bring in results. A solid mobile-app marketing strategy needs to be designed keeping in mind its primary target audience. Their likes and preferences, their online behavioral patterns and the sources that they trust for picking up new mobile apps will be crucial in creating a high-performance strategy. Here are a few techniques to help you get started: 1) Create a valuable app experience using Push Notifications contextually The idea here is to create app evangelists. Marketers have been criticized for overdoing […]

ajit May 9, 2018

How to choose Best-in-Class B2C Marketing Automation Software [Guide]

A brief history of Marketing Automation Marketing automation popped first into the B2B space, in the 90s. The first company to be able to create a mark was Unica. There were many other solutions born prior to and along with Unica but they were barely able to scratch the surface, except Eloqua. It technically pioneered the space by becoming the first to brand itself as a marketing automation software back in 1999. Both Unica and Eloqua, are still formidable players in the marketing automation space. Both of them were acquired by two behemoths- IBM and Oracle respectively, in 2010 and […]

avlesh April 26, 2018

Unmarketing Cloud For Ed-tech Businesses

Education is core to our civilization and its progress. At WebEngage, we are privileged to be working with hundreds of ed-tech companies. These companies run their user engagement and retention modules on our platform. Through these modules, we impact the lives of tens of millions of learners and educators every day. We take immense pride in working with ed-tech businesses across the globe ranging from online education, pre & K12 learning, test & preparation platforms for learning management systems. This experience puts us in a very unique position to quickly identify and solve user retention problems in your business. Ed-tech […]

priyam March 15, 2018

Why Multi-Channel Marketing Is The Key To Growth

What is Multi-Channel Marketing? The life of a marketer was drastically different back when the Internet wasn’t invented. Eons ago, FMCG behemoth Procter & Gamble employed an entire army of people to go door-to-door in America to engage with their primary target audience: housewives. Today, customer engagement is an entire science in itself. As users begin to spend more time online, brands have adapted by employing multi-channel marketing strategies that take customer engagement to the next level. How the Sales Funnel has evolved over the years Simply put, Multi-Channel marketing refers to the practice of communicating with your users across […]

priyam March 12, 2018

15 Brilliant Examples of B2C Marketing Automation (That Work)

What is B2C Marketing Automation? For the uninitiated, Marketing Automation lets you automate repetitive tasks and create intelligent marketing campaigns. With rapidly occurring user actions, creating and scaling marketing operations manually becomes ineffective and error-prone. Once you add multichannel marketing to the marketing mix, manual operations at such a massive scale become overly complex and downright impossible.   A marketer can plan, create and execute highly complex marketing campaigns using B2C Marketing Automation platforms quite easily. The advent of Automation isn’t just limited to the Manufacturing sector but has extended its reach to the realm of Marketing as well. Marketers […]

swati February 19, 2018

30 Inspirations To Manage Customer Lifecycle And Uplift User Retention

What is Retention? Retention refers to the ability of a company to retain its customers over some specified period. Okay, so what is Retention Marketing? Retention Marketing is all about creating engaged customers that return to your business to shop again. To achieve this you need to first understand carefully the road your customer takes through your product (this is popularly known as Customer Journey Mapping) and then learn how to communicate with them at the right moments. I understand these concepts in theory. What else do I need to know? Retention Marketing is broken in organizations today. The channels of […]

avantika February 6, 2018

How EdTech Companies can ace Teacher Retention with a B2C Marketing Cloud [Part 2/3]

Marketing Automation Ideas 101 for Education Technology Businesses This blog series is a one-stop guide for Education Technology Companies to teach them about the importance of a B2C Marketing Cloud for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. In this post, we’ll discuss how an edtech company can trace the loopholes in its Teacher’s life cycle, and use marketing cloud solution to fill the gaps. From our previous post, you learned WHY education technology (a.k.a. EdTech) cannot and must not do without B2C Marketing Cloud. Moreover, you also discovered that there are multiple entities involved in the EdTech community. And Teacher, Student […]

priyam February 6, 2018

11 In-App Messaging Best Practices To Boost User Retention Rate

Everyone has a smartphone, and it’s never far away. People walk, talk, cook, watch TV – you name it – with their phone in hand. Research shows that 80% of smartphone time is spent using specific apps. How do you successfully engage new users and retain existing ones? In-app Messages can do just that, enhancing a user’s experience and increasing user loyalty. Research has uncovered in-app messages to be 8X more engaging than push notifications, and companies using in-app messaging increased their user retention by 3.5 times compared to those who didn’t use it at all.  1. Segment your audience to maximize campaign effectiveness […]

priyam January 31, 2018

9 Marketing Automation Trends Of 2018 That Will Drive Growth

Marketing Automation In 2018 The curtains have been drawn on 2017, and what a year it was. Cryptocurrency dominated headlines with their meteoric rise. Donald Trump became the president of the United States, which definitely won the award for being the greatest surprise of the year. A bit closer to the home front, the Marketing Automation industry also grew considerably. We highlight key Marketing Automation trends that will matter in this year for B2C businesses. Going into 2018, the Marketing Automation Software market is expected to continue growing at 8.55%, unlocking a market capitalization of US$ 5.5 billion by 2019. […]

ajit January 30, 2018

What is Geofencing? A no-BS comprehensive guide

In 2015, Whole Foods had partnered with the location-based marketing firm- Thinknear which helped them introduce geofencing in their mobile strategy. Here is what they did- whenever a Whole Foods user ended up in the close proximity of a Whole Foods store, he received a message that prompted him to visit the store. He would get the message even if he ended up in the proximity of a Whole Foods’ competitor. The whole campaign gave them a post click conversion rate of 4.69% which was “more than 3 times the industry average.” (Thinknear Case study) For a company like Whole […]

ajit January 29, 2018

Beginner’s Guide To Web Push Notifications (with Examples)

What is a Web Push Notification? Web Push notifications were first introduced by Chrome in early 2015 in its 42 version. The version included “two new APIs that together allow sites to push native notifications to their users even after the page is closed—provided the user has granted explicit permission.” The update allowed websites to send notifications just like apps could, so far. It was allegedly the most critical mobile feature that was missing from the web and thus upon release witnessed a tremendous adoption by web publishers. Here is a complete tutorial to what is web/browser push notification: 1. […]

lisa January 28, 2018

6 Reasons Why Triggered Email Marketing Works (Like Amazon, Netflix and Spotify)

Triggered Emails The value of using automated emails—those triggered by customer actions, such as a purchase or download—goes deeper than just saving the marketer the trouble of sending individual emails manually. Consider just a few of the many ways an automated email could escort a customer to the next step in their engagement: Updating a customer about the price or availability of a product in their wish list Reducing cart abandonment with reminders and/or discounts Reminding customers about the upcoming subscription renewals for products and services Alerting customers about travel changes Onboarding new customers with multi-step triggers For those who […]

avantika January 11, 2018

Why Educational Technology cannot (and must not!) do without a B2C Marketing Cloud [Part 1/3]

Marketing Automation 101 for Education Technology Businesses This blog series is a one-stop guide for Education Technology Companies to teach them about the importance of a B2C Marketing Cloud for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. In this post, we’ll discuss why every edtech company, irrespective of its business model, needs a marketing cloud at every stage of its customer lifecycle.  My memories of high school revolve around heavy books and countless assignments. Not to forget a typical classroom setup of a teacher, students, blackboard and a demanding study curriculum. Back in those days, ‘education’ and ‘technology’ were just fancy words I used to impress my teachers. […]

priyam January 5, 2018

Why Hyper-Personalization Is The Future Of Marketing (And How To Do It)

What is Hyper-Personalization? We are living in the era of the ‘Evolved Consumer’, where consumers actively seek information to make informed decisions and don’t place their trust implicitly in brands. Consumer Behavior today is heavily reliant on Reviews, User Generated Content & Influencers. So how do you make your brand stand out and get noticed? By providing highly targeted, customized and hyper-personalized experiences. That is what Hyper-Personalization is all about.  In this blog, learn how brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Netflix & Spotify are fully embracing hyper-personalization going into 2018. Also, find industry-specific data points that can be used to create […]

ajit December 29, 2017

[Podcast] What is Growth Marketing? For Starters, It is not Scraping Email Lists

Guest Pierre Lechelle– Pierre is a B2B SaaS marketing consultant based out of Paris. He helps SaaS companies generate more revenue through growth marketing. So far he has helped 60+ companies achieve higher goals. Host Avlesh Singh- Avlesh is a co-founder and CEO of WebEngage Instead of adding the transcript like most people do I have instead added the summary of the conversation. I have intently listened to it and have dared to use my words where I thought the meaning would get clearer without getting altered. A- First thing first, what is Growth Marketing? P- Growth Marketing is basically […]

avantika December 16, 2017

A 4-Step Guide to Launching a Last-Minute Christmas Marketing Campaign – ft. Marketing Automation

If Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, was an outdated marketer at Santa Claus & Co., the Christmas carol dedicated to his ‘very shiny nose’ would be something like: Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Had a Christmas campaign to run. And if you ever saw him, You would say he doesn’t know how it’s done. All of his direct competitors, Used to laugh and mock his campaigns. (Only if poor Rudolph, knew about marketing automation) With barely a few days left for Xmas, any marketing manager with a brilliant campaign idea and without a marketing automation suite will feel like poor Rudolph. After […]

ajit November 20, 2017

8 Powerful Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns (To Boost Open Rate & CTR)

Email has surpassed and has been surpassing all the marketing channels when you compare the revenue/expense ratio for each of them. Also, it is one of the preferred channels to receive marketing messages (source) and requires relatively lesser maintenance, skills, and cost, making even small businesses have the benefit of larger enterprises. However, not surprisingly, our tolerance level towards non-contextual emails is declining. Amid the technological advancement that makes capturing customer data and leveraging it for personalization easier than ever, this development is fairly understandable. For instance, DMnews had published this story in 2016 where it compiled the opinions of […]

lisa November 20, 2017

8 Little-Known Ways to Get More People to Download Your App

How can you get more people to download your app? There’s a lot of competition out there. There are 2.8 million apps available in Apple’s App Store and 2.2 million available in Google Play as of March 2017, according to Statista. Here are the eight little-known ways to get more downloads and encourage your customers to download your app: 1. Get more reviews with an app plugin Online reviews are readily accessible these days, and positive reviews can turn a curious reader into a user. Research shows that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. However, […]

lisa November 16, 2017

In-App Notification vs. Push Notification: What’s Best for Customer Engagement

Targeted marketing is most effective with a multi-channel approach, and the best mobile campaigns often use a combination of mobile push notifications and in-app messaging. That’s because the complementary channels each offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Mobile app push notifications, for example, are reported to garner about 4 times greater engagement and 2 times greater retention, but they can only be sent to users who have opted in. Right now, the average opt-in rate across all industries is hovering around 43%. In-app messaging, on the other hand, is reported to give apps a 27% higher open rate and provide […]

rohit November 12, 2017

6 Great Tips to Increase E-commerce Sales this Christmas Holiday

Ho..Ho..Ho.. Less than a month on the calendar, you can hear the bells ringing if you listen carefully. The most lovable guy from our childhood is back on his sleigh with his buddies. It’s Christmas time! And, it’s also sale time all over. Deals, offers and promotions and loads of Christmas marketing tips. Colorful flyers, mails and the big revenue pie, for the grabs. This post is about helping you have a bigger bite of that pie. In this post, I would cover 6 tips for boosting your online sales this Christmas that has seen upto 40% jump in sales […]

john November 7, 2017

Improve Mobile Conversion Rate (By 40%) With 6 Simple Steps

Ignoring mobile as a platform dooms a company to huge losses. Soon, mobile will overtake other devices for all purposes – research, information gathering, news, and, of course, e-commerce. Within the realm of e-commerce specifically, all types of conversions will be important, from securing contact information to purchases. Here are some statistics that bear out the rising significance of mobile: A ComScore study revealed the following data: Smartphone use increased by 394% between 2010-2014 Tablet use increased by 1,721% during those same years 60% of digital time spent was on mobile devices 21% of millennials didn’t use desktops at all, […]

ajit October 24, 2017

5 Push Notification Use-Cases for OTA (Online Travel Agency) with Examples

For the longest time, email marketing has been driving the success of most online businesses. With an ROI of 3,800%, it is understandable why email marketing holds the clout that it does. But strangely, OTA (Online Travel Agency) sits in the middle of the pack, when compared to other industries using different email marketing indicators. If you check the table in this report by Smart Insights and sort it on the basis of CTR, you would see that Travel figures close to the bottom. This is where push notification becomes relevant to OTAs. As a permission-based medium, it has an […]

ajit October 23, 2017

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Popups Look More Effective [With Examples]

Marketing overlays, website intercepts, web lightbox etc. more traditionally known as popups have been subjected to the superlative of hate by a large number of marketers and users alike. In fact, back in 2004, it was one of the most hated marketing techniques on the web. However, regardless of overlays blamed by multiple online communities for allegedly jeopardising user experience, there is something that nobody can claim to dispute- ‘overlays work’. Exit intent overlay is one of the widely used adaptation of an overlay. It is a form of an overlay which is flashed to the user right when it […]

avantika October 10, 2017

Conversion Funnel Optimization 101 for Financial Services Companies [Part 3]

How Financial Services Companies can reactivate their Idle/Lost Users with the help of RFM Segmentation and Marketing Automation Conversion Funnel Optimization 101 is an all-inclusive Marketing Automation Guide for Financial Service Providers. In this post, we’ll discuss how they can identify their churned or inactive users with the RFM Model, and reactivate them by integrating a Marketing Automation platform. We’re finally at the last part of this blog series! The last two posts covered everything from reducing pre-purchase drop-offs to engaging with customers post-purchase. In this post, we’ll talk about how companies in the finance sector can identify inactive users with […]

rohit September 21, 2017

4 Ways To Increase Customer Engagement in E-commerce

In the words of Zig Ziglar, one of the foremost authorities on the art of Selling, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” Ziglar said this much before the birth of e-commerce, but it is so much relevant to the business today. An engaged customer, who has been listening to you and liked what he listens, eventually trusts you. So, when it comes to business, you feature at the very top of the list. As Brennan Loh, head of business development for Shopify, puts it, “Customer engagement is the […]

avantika September 21, 2017

3 Reasons Why Customers Abandon Shopping Carts Online (With Solution)

Confessions of a Customer: “Why I usually abandon my cart” Last Friday, while having dinner with my girlfriends, I unveiled the reasons behind the most common problem of 2015. In between sipping Margaritas and gossipping like the good old days, our smartphones were constantly buzzing and making annoying noises of message/push notifications. Out of frustration, one of my girlfriends frowned and cursed her phone before putting it on silent and dumping it inside her bag. Out of concern, I asked her, “Is it your over-possessive boyfriend?”; to which she replied, “I wish! It is my over-possessive mobile shopping app.” And […]

jovana September 15, 2017

28 Tips To Avoid Spam Filters When Doing Email Marketing

If you are in the business of email marketing, you are under the constant pressure of having to think about spam traps, spam trigger words, and anti-spam laws. Crafting targeted emails so as to avoid being sent to spam, or being marked as spam by your subscribers has become an art in itself. Why? Because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are waging a brutal, yet justified war against spammers. Unfortunately, the victims are not always just the spammers. Collateral damage happens to include some of us, the good-willed email marketers who simply don’t have the luck or enough experience. According to […]

ajit September 11, 2017

What is a Push Notification and How Exactly It Works?

What are Push Notification Messages that are pushed to the user’s device, not limiting to desktop and mobile, in a heads-up manner are called push notifications. To understand why push notification is called what it is called and how it functions, there is an important concept of push and pull protocols that we should be versed with. Push Notification Protocols – Pull vs Push Basically, there are two common ways in which the information is transferred in this world and over the internet: Receiver pull The first type is when you request for the information. In real life, consider scouting […]

lisa September 5, 2017

10 Ultimate Examples of Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Why automated email campaigns are beneficial Is your company using automation to send email campaigns? Automation emails have a 119 percent higher click rate than mass emails, and businesses that use automation see conversion rates as high as 50 percent. Email automation should be part of every company’s email marketing strategy. Automation allows businesses to set up emails to certain groups of customers and set triggers to send them. For example, when a subscriber signs up for your email list, you can create a welcome email ahead of time and have it automatically land in that subscriber’s inbox after he […]

aishwarya-tiwary-rocket September 5, 2017

Emails: The Dark Horse Of Marketing Automation Channels

Why Email Marketing is Still Important and why it will stay important in 2018 as well Emails have been the go-to marketing channel for companies all over the world. Be it content websites or E-commerce or for that matter any industry that deals with a consistent and regular customer interface, emails prove to be an extremely productive tool. In a recent study, Radicati Group states that the number of worldwide email accounts is projected to grow from over 4.1 billion accounts in 2014 to over 5.2 billion accounts by the end of 2018, a staggering 27% growth. With the advent […]

avantika September 1, 2017

Market Segmentation For Holidays – (Segment Like A Pro)

Joy to the world, Christmas is coming! While the world is sipping hot chocolate and making a list of gifts to buy for their loved ones, Marketers like yourself are making sure that their holiday marketing campaigns are on-fleek. And this requires immense amount of prepping before they can launch the most-awaited marketing campaign of the year. As Christmas marks the end of the year, there is something in the air which makes everyone hunky-dory. Thus, the buying behaviour of shoppers is observed to be different during November-December as compared to the rest of the year. It’s interesting to note […]

lisa August 20, 2017

Mistakes To Avoid With Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile Marketing Automation Market Size Implementing marketing automation—the practice of using software, templates, and behavioral triggers to create systematic marketing campaigns and responses—is strongly correlated with business growth. Just look at these statistics: Gleanster’s Marketing Automation Benchmark found that 79% of top-performing companies had been using marketing automation for more than two years. A Lenskold and Pedowitz Group study found that 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation. That same Lenskold and Pedowitz study found that 78% of successful marketers report that marketing automation had been the biggest factor in improving revenue. With Digital Trends reporting […]

prasenjit August 18, 2017

24 Ways to Improve E-commerce Checkout Conversion Rate

“Shopping online: it’s easy when you know how” Want to know what a real online checkout looks like? here a video for you: In spite of the video above taking a humorous view of the online checkout process, it’s still very close to the reality; lengthy processes, long forgotten passwords and timeouts. Everyone has come across something annoying, frustrating or just plain stupid when they’ve tried to complete their purchase online. To retain customers and drive sales the online retailer has to find ways of minimising issues and delivering a fun, engaging shopping experience. On average, 31% of customers convert through […]

lisa August 13, 2017

How to Use Micro Segmentation Marketing Effectively in Marketing Automation

Micro-Segmentation In general business segmentation, customers are broken down and clubbed together into groups on the basis of certain recurring characteristics. These groups come to be known as segments. Now, micro-segmentation is a progression of general segmentation that helps modern marketers take a knife-edge approach to marketing. Customers are divided further into much smaller, niche groups on the basis of several specific characteristics, including behavioral attributes. It helps marketers focus on a very unique, targeted persona that might be limited to a handful of individuals. This becomes a micro-segment, and marketers can carry out predictive analysis with a high degree […]

avantika August 11, 2017

Conversion Funnel Optimization 101 for Financial Services Companies [Part 2]

How Financial Services Companies can master Post-Purchase Customer Engagement with Marketing Automation Conversion Funnel Optimization 101 is an all-inclusive Marketing Automation Guide for Financial Services Companies. In this post, we’ll discuss how they can engage with their customers post-purchase by using Marketing Automation. In our previous post, we revealed the hacks for reducing pre-purchase drop-offs with marketing automation. Now let’s discuss how Financial Services Companies (FSCs) such as Banks, Micro-Lending Firms, Insurance Companies, etc. can engage and retain their customers post-purchase. And that too with our favorite marketing automation. WHY marketing automation for post-purchase communication, you ask? Here’s why.   […]

shafique August 6, 2017

How To Use RFM Analysis & Segmentation To Improve Customer Lifecycle Marketing

What is RFM Analysis? One of the founding tenets of modern marketing is a widely used concept of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. STP has stood the test of time to stay relevant in these ever evolving, dynamic times. At an elementary level segmentation is at the core of all successful marketing campaigns. Using segmentation you divide your audience into homogenous groups in order to send them relevant communication that resonates with them. One such data backed segmentation technique is RFM segmentation, through RFM analysis you can segment your customers into buckets like best customers, loyal customers, big spenders, lost customers […]

depesh August 1, 2017

4 Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of understanding pain points associated with a conversion path (e.g. from click to sale, lead or other important business metric) and creating test hypotheses from which to create incremental growth. If you analyse incoming traffic sources, device usage and perhaps other segments such as the country of visit, recency, bounce and exit rates via your analytics tool, you’ll quickly discover some interesting data points. Perhaps your bounce rate on the homepage is higher than the oft-cited 30% benchmark? Maybe on desktop devices it is much lower and […]

shafique July 13, 2017

How to Design Survey Questionnaire by Considering 5 Overlooked Points

Picture yourself filling a survey that poses ambiguous questions or has words you don’t know the meaning of, or doesn’t have the option you would like to select. A simple task becomes cumbersome, even if you go through this ordeal once, you wouldn’t wish to do it again. Right? Like most tasks that seem to be simple until you begin doing them; initially writing survey questionnaires also comes across as easy. Moreover, while writing survey questionnaires we often overlook very basic aspects. It stems from the fact that we fail to look from readers eyes but limit ourselves to our […]

avantika July 4, 2017

Conversion Funnel Optimization 101 for Financial Services Companies [Part 1]

How Can A Financial Service Provider Fix Leakages In A Purchase Cycle to Reduce Drop-Offs Conversion Funnel Optimization 101 is an all-inclusive Marketing Automation Guide for Financial Services Companies. In this post, we’ll discuss how Financial Businesses can optimize their Purchase Cycle with Marketing Automation.  Financial Services Companies like Banks, Micro-Lending Firms, Insurance Companies, etc. possess gold mines of customer data. They gather prolific amount of micro-data like personal identifiable information (PII), demography, employment, financial background, etc. at every stage of their sales funnel. However, their inability to utilize such data to their advantage often results in hampered customer experience and […]

ajit May 29, 2017

3 Unique Push Notification Use-cases to Automate Customer Feedback

So far email had been the most sought-after medium among businesses to seek feedback, particularly NPS survey. It would nevertheless continue to be a potential choice. Following email popularity is in-app messages which are part of the UI of almost every mobile app. Publishers insert in-app messages within the user flow to run notifications and surveys of various kinds. The most popular use-case being triggering an in-app message before the nudge to rate the app on play store. Now did you know that you could use push notification as well for collecting feedback? Strangely, not many mobile marketers have explored […]

ajit May 26, 2017

Guilty of causing ‘Marketing Fatigue’? Fix it before it sabotages your business. Here’s how

When your marketing crosses a certain threshold it no more remains marketing. It becomes a headache to your customers. That’s marketing fatigue in a nutshell. The above snippet from the article by one Jessica Miller-Merrell in her blog summarises the communication fatigue that every wifi-connected soul is a victim of. The volume of marketing communication has anyway surpassed our attention zone whose size anyway would make us envious of goldfish. Marketing fatigue explained by Marginal Utility law The Law of diminishing marginal utility tells us that anything surplus, regardless of its utility loses its value. Do you recall water/diamond paradox? […]

shafique May 25, 2017

6 Reasons A Business Needs Location Based Triggered SMS Marketing

Lately, on a weekend I went out dining with friends to an expensive restaurant. After a sumptuous meal, I was asked to fill out a feedback form on an iPad. When I could’ve declined, I casually obliged to put in my contact information. What followed next was blatant misuse of the permission I gave in good faith. In a matter of just one week my phone got inundated with the pile of messages that they thought would make me a loyalist of the restaurant. From coupon codes, to special offer on mother’s day, to Super Saver Wednesday; I received too […]

joshua May 25, 2017

5 Best Website Survey & Feedback Questions for Users Online

A massive jump in your conversion rate will come from solutions to problems that are unique to your online store. Special fixes to increase your sales could be improving a poor quality product, decreasing the product price because your visitors are comparison shoppers, refining the checkout process, or having high-resolution product photography because an important feature was previously unseen. How do you find these revenue-impacting growth opportunities? You ask the right question at the right time! “Successful people ask better questions,” said performance coach Tony Robbins, “and as a result, they get better answers.” You discover what matters to people […]

avantika May 22, 2017

This Persona-Based Customer Journey Can Convert Your Flight Search Abandoners By 10% m-o-m. For Real!

An Online Travel Agency’s (OTA) relationship with Flight Booking Abandoners can be summarized in one sentence: Love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them. Flight Search Abandonment often hurts the topline of most OTAs. It’s a situation where a visitor searches for a flight but doesn’t checkout. And this has compelled OTAs to shell out millions of dollars on acquisition as well as retention of customers. There are numerous reasons for travel booking abandonment. And the top 4 of them are: ALSO READ: How Goibibo used Hyper-Personalization in Emails to Increase Conversions by 11% Of course, the best way […]

rohit May 18, 2017

Buyer Personas: How to Create it With Real Examples

What is a Buyer Persona? Buyer personas are research-based, modeled representations of: Who buyers are? What are their goals? How they think and, buy? Why they make such buying decisions? Where do they buy? When do they decide to buy?   “Out of 50,000 MUVs, the Primary Conversion is an impressive 27.3%, but the Secondary Conversion is just 14.6%.“ Change the numbers according to the size and performance of a company and you get the language your CRO guy or your Marketer speaks. It makes sense to keep metrics on fingertips and refer to data when it comes to deciding what […]

shafique May 11, 2017

Why Marketing Automation has to count on Permission Marketing to be effective

18 years back in the year 1999, when Google, Amazon were taking baby steps to become the giant companies they are today, Seth Godin coined the term ‘Permission Marketing’. As opposed to traditional approach of ‘Interruption Marketing’ (recall the adverts during TV shows or YouTube ads you just can’t wait to Skip) Permission Marketing is a privilege to send anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. In Seth’s own words, real Permission works like this: if you stop showing up, people complain, they ask where you went. That’s the epitome of marketing by using […]

avantika May 9, 2017

How To Recover An Abandoned Cart With A (Legit!) Multi-channel Customer Journey

Let’s face it! 8 out of 10 articles on ‘How to recover an abandoned Cart’ have only one key takeaway: email marketing. And they have nothing new to offer. Here’s a screenshot of Google Search for evidence. What most of them fail to cover is that recovering a stranded online shopping cart is not a “Step 1: Send a Cart Abandonment Email” process. It requires a well-thought-out and data driven approach to nudge a customer and lure him/her back to the cart. Besides, it needs to be done through the right channel at the right time. Of course Email is […]

avantika April 25, 2017

How To Set Up Your Next Back-In-Stock Alert In Just 5 Minutes

In the ecommerce sector, Stock-out or Out-Of-Stock is defined as the shortest horror story for both a customer and a marketer. For a customer because his/her desired item is unavailable. For a marketer because he can lose that customer to his competitors. However, it’s 2017 and we have a plethora of Back-in-Stock Notification tools and widgets readily available. And most of them operate on the similar lines: These are some of the Back-in-Stock Alert tools in the market: And the list continues. By and large, all these tools and widgets promise you ‘a happy and loyal customer who will make […]

rohit April 5, 2017

8 Customer Retention Strategies & Tactics for Online Business 2018 (With Examples)

What is Customer Retention? Customer retention, in its true essence, is a set of activities that an organization undertakes to stop its customers to defect or go away. It is the most effective strategy to increase the Lifetime Value of a customer and make sense of the acquisition cost spent to bring the customer to the business in the first place. In the holistic view of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, ‘customer retention’ is the fourth and final stage before the cycle resets to acquisition. The importance and ways to retain customers One of the few things I remember from my childhood […]

shafique March 24, 2017

How B2C Marketing Cloud Helps Businesses Improve Retention

In the mad rush to acquire customers, online consumer businesses spend frivolously on customer acquisition. Although, once the new customers get acquired the next big challenge is user retention. It is because businesses simply do not have coffers with perennially available cash to burn on acquisition or reacquire churned customers. Moreover, research done by Adobe attributes 41% of revenue to just 8% of customers, no marks for guessing, the 8% are repeat buyers. Fundamentally, this means that focusing on retaining existing customers is rewarding. Let’s get basics right – Retention Rate = # of customers in cohort that your business […]

avantika March 17, 2017

How To Use Small Data For Personalized Communication In Hotel Industry

Customer Journey Mapping for the Hospitality Industry (Part II) When I got my hands on Martin Lindstrom’s Small Data: The Tiny Clues that Uncover Huge, it was unputdownable. In the world where big data is religiously worshiped and employed by every Marketer, his book was a breath of fresh air. What piqued my interest was how small data was being used to not only save companies like Lego from bankruptcy but also to trigger the creation of some of the biggest innovations like Post-It and Snapchat. However, despite its obvious primacy, Lindstrom stated, “The issue here is that as we become […]

ajit February 27, 2017

B2B vs B2C Marketing Automation Platform. What’s the Primary Difference?

Marketing Automation doesn’t have a unique or scientific definition that you can fall back on to qualify a certain marketing tool as a marketing automation solution. Most definitions over the internet that you may find would be either vague or molded to suit the interest of the company publishing it. For instance, without naming anybody, resource posts by ESPs would make you believe that marketing automation is all about creating automated email workflows which is a total misleading definition. Eventually, amid the clutter of definitions, I hit the one by Scott Brinker and found peace. Scott Brinker, Editor, ChiefMartec “I […]

shafique February 27, 2017

Net Promoter Score: Learn what Promoters and Detractors hide from you

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising. –Mark Zuckerberg Remember the last time you checked out a new online shopping site and actually purchased something from it? Out of many reasons that persuaded you to buy one would certainly stand out, and that would be – a recommendation from a friend/colleague/family member. That is the power of referrals. They are the strongest of the lot among advertising, cold calls, PPC ads and zillion […]

shafique February 9, 2017

The right time to send NPS survey and how to automate it

  “We take most of the money that we could have spent on paid advertising and instead put it back into the customer experience. Then we let the customers be our marketing. Historically, our number-one growth driver has been from repeat customers and word-of-mouth.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos (source) Like Hsieh, any CEO will concur with the convenience of building up business through referrals over scouting for customers through advertising, cold calls, marketing. Referrals from existing customers easily bring new customers leading to organic growth, sustainable in the long run. You must have heard of Word of Mouth, Referrals, Customer […]

avantika February 8, 2017

How to Improve Customer Retention in Hotel Industry with Marketing Automation

Customer Journey Mapping for the Hospitality Industry (Part I) The hospitality industry, with a global industry revenue of US $550 billion in 2016, is engaging with customers like never before. With weapons like multi-channel Marketing Automation at their disposal, hotels are turning no stones unturned in making the stay of their guests a unique experience. After all, keeping them engaged and interested is a crucial part of their customer retention strategies. Before you start bestowing ‘the most amazing experience’ on your hotel guests, it is highly imperative to understand the Hotel Guest Lifecycle. Robert King explained the basic model of […]

rohit January 25, 2017

6 Landing Page Optimization Best Practices [With Example]

Why to Optimize any Landing Page There is a lot that has been written about creating better landing pages and you have most probably read a lot about landing page optimization tips to create better landing pages that gets higher conversion. So why the heck should you read this post as well? Because it underlines one important aspect, one secret that marketers like you and me forget when crunching numbers – listening to what the customer says. You have converted customers before you optimized for conversion and you will be losing customers ever after optimization. The point is, you have […]

ajit January 20, 2017

How e-commerce firms can automate customer lifecycle marketing with these 13 trigger events

On the face of millions of user triggered events on the website and app per hour, the only way to invariably provide value to every user is to automate your customer lifecycle marketing, which explains the flourishing marketing automation industry that it is today (we are one of them). The good thing is that marketing automation is no more the playground of large enterprises. With the onslaught of new companies which have transgressed into what was earlier the territory of Adobe and Oracle, marketing automation has become more affordable and easier to execute. In fact, the marketing bombardment has so […]

shafique January 19, 2017

Best Features & Benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service) [With Example]

When I was in B-School, we were explicitly taught about the importance of communicating benefits over features. One professor said, “Benefits sell, Features tell.” Another advocated, “Customers buy benefits not features.” Then while doing a project on brand communication strategy, I created my own – “In the minds of customers Benefits stick, Features recede.” While marketing professors professed, we followed their lead. Didn’t delve deeper into the why’s and how’s of the features vs. benefits contest. Here, I take this opportunity to dig deeper into why communicating benefits is important than just enumerating product features. Distinguishing SaaS Benefits and Features: […]

shafique January 17, 2017

How to choose the right mix of marketing channels in a multi-channel world

In the era of smartphones, apps, online shopping and serious attention deficit, customers want brands to reach them via the channel of their preference. On the other end of the spectrum are marketers that have one too many channels to choose from to render their marketing communication. The conundrum becomes intensive when you look at these stats: SMS – 90% of SMS are read within the first three minutes of delivery Email – Email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent Push – Push notifications show up to 40% CTR, and the best perform 4x better than […]

ajit December 1, 2016

21 Free Mobile Apps that Every College Student Should Know About

Today, if there is anything that comes after food, water, and air, then it has to be apps, especially for the millennials who turn to Siri for their critical life questions like- “is Santa Claus real” or “which is better, Mac Pro or Air” or “how do I run the Siri app on my phone”.  However, as a student, although excessive mobile usage can be detrimental to your academics among other things, there are also lots of good apps which can make your life easier in the true sense and complement your academics, time management, and overall mobile behavior. In this […]

ajit October 20, 2016

Make Push Notification “Behaviorally Targeted” to Achieve Your Desired ROI

It is gating our engagement with the internet. For instance, just recall how until 2-3 years ago you used to scour all your content from just one source- Google. You determined what you need and then you pulled it out from Google- which is essentially just one app. But now, as the world is transitioning from desktop to mobile- which is swamped with gazillion apps, the data are determining what content may interest you and it is then pushed to you via mobile notification. The paradigm has changed from ‘pull’ to ‘push’, or perhaps changing rapidly.   Both iOS and […]

avlesh September 26, 2016

10 Reasons Why WebEngage Is The Best Customer Engagement Platform For Your Website

Well, before you start thinking that this is just another _my_tool_is_the_best blog post, lemme tell you it ain’t. Please don’t read too much into the title of this post [it is such for SEO reasons ;)]. If you are new to WebEngage, jump to a brief primer towards the end of this post. For the last 3 months we have been neck deep into building features inside WebEngage that were either a part of our roadmap or were most requested features by our customers. This post outlines some updates since we last announced the release of surveys in WebEngage. Here […]

ajit September 12, 2016

101 Push Notifications Best Practices (Increase CTR by 40%)

Push notification gave promising engagement to apps at its peak. But, driven by their nature to over-exploit anything that works for them, marketers have gradually reduced mobile push messaging to a trifle blast marketing medium. However, the omnipresence of mobile, and the increasing impetus by iOS and Android to make push notifications more feature-istic suggests that it is here for a long haul. To this day push offers higher engagement than email and CTR is as high as 40%, nearly 4x than that of the worst. But what is pushing push messaging down? 1. Anything tends to lose its significance […]

avantika September 9, 2016

6 Reasons Why WebEngage’s Content Marketing Sucked and How We Fixed Them

It goes without saying that ‘Content is the king’. It not only holds the power to make or break a marketing campaign, but also plays a key role in conversion and lead generation. However, not many of us realize that it’s a hard cookie to crack. Content writers often find themselves stuck in the labyrinth of content-related issues like: never getting the right balance between being preachy and salesy; constantly juggling between the ‘right’ and the ‘trending’ topic; not able to archive a spectrum of content written on diverse topics in varied styles by different writers (both in-house and guest […]

shafique August 2, 2016

Weather Based Marketing: How Intelligent Campaign Triggers Give Awesome Results

What is Weather Based Marketing? Has it happened to you when your friend came up with an idea of doing something exciting, but you turned him down. Has the same thing happened while the weather was gloomy outside? If yes, that’s weather influencing your mood, and thus the activity you would do or wouldn’t. Weather influences our mood, eating habits, choice of clothes, going out or staying inside and more so to our disbelief our purchase decisions. It affects how we feel, our mood and to an extent our intent to make a purchase. You might be thinking that it […]

ajit July 25, 2016

6 Unique Push Notification Use-cases for E-commerce Apps

For e-commerce apps, push messaging has very reasonably assumed the role of session-magnet. The occasional and impulsive buying nature of users have made push messages the only resort to e-commerce apps to increase app sessions. This is evident by the very fact that e-commerce apps using push notification, to drive app opens, had 278% more launches than the ones who didn’t use it. Push notification gave bewildering conversions to publishers at its initial stage. But later on, it went on to become such a fad that an average user was getting 60 push messages on his phone per day. This […]

ajit June 22, 2016

10 Ultimate In-App Messages Best Practices for E-commerce Apps

In-app messaging has gradually become the favorite of marketers because Unlike push, an in-app message isn’t time-sensitive. So you won’t have to critically evaluate the right time to send an in-app message, as users see it whenever they are active on the app. There is no text limitation in it and you can also incorporate images, videos, forms or their combination.  There is a zero risk to sink in the spam folder or even promotions tab like email.  In-app message, unlike email and push, doesn’t require the user to opt-in. And most importantly, in the case of in-app message you don’t […]

avlesh June 8, 2016

17 Tips, Tricks And Growth Hacks To Sky-rocket Your Conversions Using On-site Overlays

The path leading a visitor to a converted user is full of potholes. There are just too many diversions beyond your control for your visitor to steer away from the funnel. WebEngage is on a constant crusade to remove this bottleneck of conversion in the digital age. Thousands of websites use WE to engage visitors on their websites. We help them combat cart abandonment, increase user signups, enlarge their social community and solve a plethora of vital pain-points that impact the conversion funnel – all by some really smart and targeted nudges/overlays on your website. Using conversion analytics, you can […]

divya May 26, 2016

Marketing Strategy Guide For Online Travel Agency – Part 3

It’s all about business. Here, I am indulging in a totally new sphere of Online Travel Agency Industry and there, Starbucks is making some good business out of my coffee addiction. Never the less, coming back to this amazing resource that I found in a cafe. Wait for a second, clueless regarding what I am speaking? You might want to check the start, segmentation of users for online travel agencies. Who understands movies when they start watching it after the interval and here we have something far more serious than entertainment. Now, what next? We are done with segmenting our users […]

rohit May 9, 2016

How to Calculate & Increase Customer Lifetime Value (With Examples)

If customer journeys would not have been online but in middle earth and the metrics would all be converted into the rings of power, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV, used interchangeably) would have been the One Ring to Rule Them All. What is Customer Lifetime Value? Customer Lifetime Value’s definition is as literal as it gets. It is the sum of total value that a customer generates for you in their entire relationship with you. Since the lifetime of each customer is quite sporadic in nature, it is either calculated on an average basis or by fixing a time […]

chelsea-baldwin May 4, 2016

6 Customer Micro Segmentation Marketing Examples That You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Customer micro segmentation strategy is responsible for some serious increases in sales. In fact, according to the research on email marketing by Lyris (now Aurea), 39% of companies who implemented micro segmentation marketing based on audience-specific information and tailored their messaging accordingly got 39% higher open rates, 28% lower unsubscribe rates, and 24% make more money from their email marketing efforts. And that’s just email. Imagine the possibilities if you could segment your audience and adjust your messaging accordingly across push notifications, SMS, landing pages, and in-app displays. It’s a big deal, to say the least. And typically, when you […]

jacob-mcmillen March 25, 2016

Automate Email Marketing With Customer Journey (Real Examples) to Increase Lifetime Value

Email is the marketing goldmine of the internet. Unlike many of today’s tools and methods of communication, email has withstood the test of time and continues to perform as admirably as when it represented the cutting edge of network technology. Most importantly for businesses, email marketing continues to deliver unrivaled ROI. The average ROI on email marketing is $40 per dollar spent! No other channel comes close. But moving past net ROI, let’s talk about the REAL reason email marketing automation is your key to online profits. The reason your email list will always outperform your social followings, advertising, and […]

divya March 8, 2016

This Women’s Day Get Sales Soaring

Women’s day is here. Women have taken the world by storm right now(remember Priyanka Chopra at the Oscars). The scenario is no different in the E-Commerce or B2B world. According to the Next Web “Women account for 58% of all total online spending and 22% shop online at least once a day.” So if you try to segment your user base, there is a very high probability that your user base will be women oriented. This Women’s Day make your most loyal customer base and also target your users on the basis on their past activities. The first and most […]

shafique February 25, 2016

5 Ways to Get & Engage Sellers on E-commerce Marketplace

In 2009, e-commerce in India was worth $3.8 billion, in 2014 the figure jumped to $17 billion and in 2016, it is expected to touch new highs of $38 billion, 66% increase from 2015, 10X since 2009, as predicted by ASSOCHAM. The growth in internet penetration, mobile usage, customer acceptance towards online buying has defined the course for e-commerce. Banking on this conducive environment e-commerce marketplaces have become extremely successful. E-commerce Marketplaces are websites that connect sellers and buyers; they offer enabling services such as warehousing, logistics and payments. Essentially these are platforms where sellers get to showcase products for buyers […]

ajit February 13, 2016

7 Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaign Ideas & Trends

Valentine’s day is gradually becoming more favorite to Amazon, Walmart, Archies than the folks who actually celebrate it. And why not, the total spending on Valentine’s day in the United States alone is estimated to surpass $19 billion. Yes, that’s more than the annual GDP of Mongolia which happens to be the 19th largest nation in the world in terms of size. Kudos America! Due to this spending spree, several of our e-commerce clients conducted surveys to understand the consumer behavior during Valentine’s season. The response was recorded over the period of Valentine’s week and hundreds of folks participated in […]