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How to use WebEngage Surveys?
Frequently Asked Questions
On-site Survey

Website survey is a way of presenting questions to your potential or existing customers when they are on your website.

This is a great way of asking contextually relevant questions when they are 'in the moment'. Website surveys also present you with an opportunity of collecting insights from anonymous visitors, whom you do not have any other means of reaching out.

The fact that it enables website owners a chance to communicate and learn directly from their online visitors makes website surveys an incredibly valuable customer engagement tool.

Analyzing Voice of the Customer (VoC), gives you the truest insight about your business.It enables website owner (marketing manager/product manager) interact with visitors at key points during their journey on your website. Our customers use website surveys for a number of reasons including lead generation, call back requests, gauging customer needs and prioritizing feature improvement amongst others. Take live preview and use it with one click from WebEngage Gallery.

You are right! Emails are a great way of getting feedback from customer post purchase, but they suffer from major handicaps. Emails don’t work on anonymous visitors and these form the majority of site visitors.
Email effectiveness depends on open rate that gets affected due to deluge of daily mails in inbox. Generally, emails are opened at the leisure of customer and propensity to respond to any survey reduces with time.

Intercept Survey

Website survey backed by hyper-targeting transforms an annoying popup to a engaging message that is very relevant to that visitor.

A well designed survey would improve user experience rather than being annoying. WebEngage survey builder allows you to add rich text and CSS styling to change the look of our survey in line with your website. With our robust targeting engine, you can target visitors by device, user location, browser type, referral source and a long list of advanced custom targeting features, enabling you to hyper-target any visitor based on your business requirement.

WebEngage website survey is made 'by Marketers for Marketers'. We understand the pain any marketer faces in getting his/her idea executed via tech team. WebEngage believes in giving the most simple DIY interface by taking all the backend tasks off your plate, giving you endless possibilities. We boast of saying - "You imagine and we can do it for you!"

With our drag and drop form builder, robust targeting engine and custom styling, we have been able to achieve it for our users, and thousands of customers agree with us. On top, you get real time reporting that you can schedule to be emailed to your inbox.

Our website surveys can be created by adding few lines of code on your website. Don't take our word for it. It has been tested on Grannies and they passed the integration / usability test. We’ve designed a platform for you that offers powerful features with minimal effort, and no code changes even if you wish to add our other products. WebEngage integrates with any platform seamlessly via ready-made plugins or a simple javascript code.

The process of creating a website survey through WebEngage is effortless. Once the WebEngage code is integrated, it involves 4 simple steps as below and you are ready to go live.

Get started with WebEngage
Choose a Template
Target your Audience
Customize if needed
Go Live!

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