How to Choose the Best-in-Class B2C Marketing Automation Software

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In the marketing automation space, there is no Godfather product. There is no Google, Salesforce or Dropbox. It is a fairly level playing field where myriad products compete against each other.

Take, for instance, CRM. With regard to CRM, the requirements of most of the customers match. So there is a least difference product-wise in how every CRM solution looks. And Salesforce is the leader.

Same cannot be applicable to the marketing automation space. Customer requirements wrt marketing automation are not common or there is an enormous difference in priorities. So, there is not one product which checks every specification in the list.

For instance, a popular VOD app which is live streaming a Football match would need a solid ability to create analytics dashboard that gives them reporting on day/hourly basis. A Fintech product wouldn’t need analytics as much as the ability to cohesively engage their users across all channels. A new product with a small team, beyond everything, would need better access to training and support.

This ebook aims to equip you with the requisite information to make the right choice among hundreds of marketing automation products available today.

By the end of this ebook, you will be able to rise above the clutter and identify the marketing automation software that perfectly suits your interest.

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