[Report] An Insider’s Report On Web Push Notification by WebEngage, 2018

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Web Push Notification (a.k.a. Browser Push Notification) never fails to impress Marketers with its simplicity and effectiveness. This engagement channel, unlike its counterparts, doesn’t require a user to be active on the browser to reach him/her. And this makes web push a ‘pretty darn incredible channel’.

Launched in early-2015, web push is no longer a new kid in the block. It has surpassed multiple tricks and tests of ever-demanding Marketers with flying colors. However, despite the promising performance of web push, Marketers lack the intent and ideas to use this channel to its full potential. There’s a lot that can be done with web push. They just don’t know why and how!

This ebook is our attempt to assist the Marketers with such questions. Using top-notch methodology and intense research, we have for you an array of stats and insights across multiple categories.

These never-seen-before data, exclusively on web push, will help you make better and bigger decisions for your next marketing campaign. And turn you into the Web Push Wizard of your team.

Here’s a snippet of what we’ve got for you in this report.

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