30 Inspirations To Manage Customer Lifecycle And Uplift User Retention

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Retention marketing is broken. The channels of retention for consumer businesses – mobile, web, email and social – are invariably being run by different teams using a plethora of tools. At WebEngage, we want to unify all of that into a single product experience and treat channels as just a delivery medium. We want to shift the focus on creating awesome user journeys and experiences; and, not the next shiny looking push notification or email campaign.

We realize that one of the biggest roadblocks to implementing such journeys are ideas to emulate. With this in mind, we present you the Journey Gallery – an attempt to share pre-made retention workflows across all customer life-cycle stages. We have hand-picked problems that are most frequently encountered by online consumer businesses, across the following industry verticals:

E-commerce, Travel / Hotel, Blog / Content, Banking & Financial Services, Education, Subscription Services.

If you are not familiar with our Journey Designer, glance through a sample e-commerce sales life-cycle model here.

How is Journey Gallery different from any other blog?

  1. This is not just a marketing blog on what’s in and what’s not. These are templates for all marketers and product managers out there based on data and machine learning.
  2. You can browse around, filter solutions according to Use Cases and Industries.
  3. We also give you a tentative list of attributes that are imperative to the events fired for that workflow.
    Events and attributes (user/event) are used only for representation purpose. Each business would need to define its own event and attribute structure for working with Journey designer.
  4. We offer special ‘pro-tips’ to give you an extra edge! A lot of applied knowledge and experience of our marketing, sales and success teams went into this.
  5. This initiative won’t be forgotten. As we continue to enhance our product suite, we will be regularly updating the list so that you can automate your marketing faster.

Now save countless hours by using these 30+ pre-made templates. Here are some sample journeys we’ve built for you:

User journeys to automate post-transaction flow in Travel/Hotel/OTA

Post transactional engagement is very important as opens a lot of opportunities for cross-selling/upselling. If done correctly (read ‘personally’) also helps you nurture your bond with the customer. This Journey shows how you can engage with your customer over time, upselling other services like Cab bookings and Hotel Bookings, through various channels like Email, SMS and Push and also provide value by sending meaningful information like web check-in reminder post flight booking.

User journeys to automate payment failure communication for Ed-Tech websites

Marketers like high conversion rates. Hence, a customer should not be left hanging if his payment fails. More importantly, payment failures should not lead to drop-offs. Send the user a secondary option to complete the payment. Automating payment failure workflows saves not just operational time and developer effort but also ensures a better checkout experience for the user. We made this journey for Ed-Tech, but it’s one that should not be missed; irrespective of your industry.

Predict churn based on User Engagement for Subscription apps

A well-designed module to predict churn can heavily boost conversions for a Subscription based app. At WebEngage, we learnt it the hard way. Thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your tool. Underneath is a quick sample of how you can easily design and optimize a predicting churn journey for your app.

Hope you liked what you saw. We’d love to hear from you if you have some journey ideas of your own. Here is how you can you contribute:

  • Simply go to our Write for Us Page and fill up the form.
  • Share the doc/webpage link that has the journey idea.
  • Clearly define the use case and industry.
  • If you have not made the workflow on our Journey Designer, a simple flowchart will do.

Journey Gallery is available for everyone!

Check out our 30 Free Templates and start Retaining→

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