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rohit November 12, 2017

6 Great Tips to Increase E-commerce Sales this Christmas Holiday

Ho..Ho..Ho.. Less than a month on the calendar, you can hear the bells ringing if you listen carefully. The most lovable guy from our childhood is back on his sleigh with his buddies. It’s Christmas time! And, it’s also sale time all over. Deals, offers and promotions and loads of Christmas marketing tips. Colorful flyers, mails and the big revenue pie, for the grabs. This post is about helping you have a bigger bite of that pie. In this post, I would cover 6 tips for boosting your online sales this Christmas that has seen upto 40% jump in sales […]

rohit September 21, 2017

4 Ways To Increase Customer Engagement in E-commerce

In the words of Zig Ziglar, one of the foremost authorities on the art of Selling, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” Ziglar said this much before the birth of e-commerce, but it is so much relevant to the business today. An engaged customer, who has been listening to you and liked what he listens, eventually trusts you. So, when it comes to business, you feature at the very top of the list. As Brennan Loh, head of business development for Shopify, puts it, “Customer engagement is the […]

rohit July 3, 2017

How to Boost User Engagement On Your Website – Blog In 4 Simple Steps (2018)

If you are in the business of blogs or even familiar with the sphere, you would know Buzzfeed is bigger than The New York Times when it comes to traffic. Mashable, Huffington Post, Business Insider and Lifehacker are bigger than many premier news websites when it comes to visitor counts. We are all awed by the success of these blogs and websites. We also want to be there, shining in the glory of a fan base. Life would have been so easy if we created content and visitors came pouring from all sides, but obviously, it isn’t the case. These […]

rohit June 20, 2017

The 5 Ps of Customer Service & Satisfaction

Customer service in its truest essence, is an abstract concept. It involves your customer’s perception of the value expected from you and the value you actually delivered. In cases where both of them match, a customer is said to be satisfied with your business. There are a number of factors that affect customer satisfaction, such as the product’s or service’s quality, the ambience, price, post purchase services and much more. For all businesses big and small, it is of common knowledge that customer satisfaction is a necessary and determining factor for customer loyalty. I have condensed the factors that can make […]

rohit May 18, 2017

Buyer Personas: How to Create it With Real Examples

What is a Buyer Persona? Buyer personas are research-based, modeled representations of: Who buyers are? What are their goals? How they think and, buy? Why they make such buying decisions? Where do they buy? When do they decide to buy?   “Out of 50,000 MUVs, the Primary Conversion is an impressive 27.3%, but the Secondary Conversion is just 14.6%.“ Change the numbers according to the size and performance of a company and you get the language your CRO guy or your Marketer speaks. It makes sense to keep metrics on fingertips and refer to data when it comes to deciding what […]

rohit April 5, 2017

8 Customer Retention Strategies & Tactics for Online Business 2018 (With Examples)

What is Customer Retention? Customer retention, in its true essence, is a set of activities that an organization undertakes to stop its customers to defect or go away. It is the most effective strategy to increase the Lifetime Value of a customer and make sense of the acquisition cost spent to bring the customer to the business in the first place. In the holistic view of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, ‘customer retention’ is the fourth and final stage before the cycle resets to acquisition. The importance and ways to retain customers One of the few things I remember from my childhood […]

rohit January 25, 2017

6 Landing Page Optimization Best Practices [With Example]

Why to Optimize any Landing Page There is a lot that has been written about creating better landing pages and you have most probably read a lot about landing page optimization tips to create better landing pages that gets higher conversion. So why the heck should you read this post as well? Because it underlines one important aspect, one secret that marketers like you and me forget when crunching numbers – listening to what the customer says. You have converted customers before you optimized for conversion and you will be losing customers ever after optimization. The point is, you have […]

rohit December 5, 2016

Black Friday sale: Insights from 2016 and learning for 2017

The past week had the whole e-commerce industry on steroids. The sale volume shot over the roof, touched the moon and came back. A staggering figure of $5 billion gave the retailers too much to thank for, this Thanksgiving. We wrote a post about tips to increase sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Every brand, retailer and e-commerce player worth its salt had a strategy in place for the shopping gala. Some of it worked, and some didn’t. It is okay to be wrong, and it is great to be right, but it is necessary to improve on both. […]