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divya May 26, 2016

Marketing Strategy Guide For Online Travel Agency – Part 3

It’s all about business. Here, I am indulging in a totally new sphere of Online Travel Agency Industry and there, Starbucks is making some good business out of my coffee addiction. Never the less, coming back to this amazing resource that I found in a cafe. Wait for a second, clueless regarding what I am speaking? You might want to check the start, segmentation of users for online travel agencies. Who understands movies when they start watching it after the interval and here we have something far more serious than entertainment. Now, what next? We are done with segmenting our users […]

divya May 11, 2016

Marketing Strategy Guide For Online Travel Agency – Part 2

Nothing can actually beat the taste of perfectly brewed coffee and the caffeine hit it brings along. So, where was I? The churn rate of the Online Travel Agency. Also, they struggle with low look to book ratios. I didn’t have to put a lot of brains into it because our fellow marketer had already figured out the reasons as stated on the next page. Delving deep into the diary is intriguing, it is opening new avenues to learn tricks of online travel agency marketing. By the way, if you missed on how I got this diary and the first few […]