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Targeted Email Marketing- 8 examples of our own customers who do it like Amazon

Email has surpassed and has been surpassing all the marketing channels when you compare the revenue/expense ratio for each of them. Also, it is one of the preferred channels to receive marketing messages (source) and requires relatively lesser maintenance, skills, and cost, making even small businesses have the benefit of larger enterprises. However, not surprisingly, our tolerance level towards non-contextual emails is declining. Amid the technological advancement that makes capturing customer data and leveraging it for personalization easier than ever, this development is fairly understandable. For a brand, personalization is quickly transitioning from ‘advantage’ to ‘imperative’. For instance, DMnews had […]

11 Ultimate Hacks on How to Take Customer Feedback

Why is it Important to Take Customer Feedback Customer feedback is by far the most underrated method employed by businesses to improve their product’s user experience. Why would a company want to know what its customer thinks about its product is same as to why the manager in a restaurant wants to know about the food. It’s simple. The number of digits in your revenue figure is characterized by how better your customer experience is while using your product. But most SaaS companies despite being fully aware of this totally obvious thing, often miss out on taking customer feedback, or give […]